Guy UsinU - Artist                                                                                                          +18 Adult themes

A Brighton based artist trying to paint things that inspire an emotional reaction, in me, or you. Something that contains a little of my soul to put out into the world.

I’ve spent many, many years creating commercial art for worldwide corporate clients. As my fiftieth birthday approached I suddenly had an urge to try and create some art for myself. Something I’ve barely done since art class at school. Its been an incredible reaction, on SaatchiArt I’ve sold paintings and prints around the world. Won first prize at EAL2019, I’ve sold paintings to friends and colleagues and had commissions from social media and acquaintances. It has ignited a spark in me that I’d like to feed into the flames of passion. I feel full of ideas that I’d like to explore and flesh out, in paint...
So I’d like to thank anyone who takes an interest in my journey to do that, however small, even just reading this.

I’m completely in awe of the photo-realism painters, and it is a route I considered. But as much as I admire their work, what excites me are the painters who achieve a ‘feel’ of realism with a minimum of effort. That one stroke of light with a brush that achieves greatness. That is what I aspire too...

Prints are available of ALL works in 'Gallery' from SaatchiArt (@£32 and very high quality).

Thank you 🙏🏿

To help me continue making art please donate... or buy something! for commissions please contact.


© 2019 by Guy UsinU.

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